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Energy save fireplace T 90 quattro (two sides view)

1.720,00 1.980,00 
Two sides view energy save fireplace made of steel and has satisfactory dimensions. Inside the fireplace is lined with cast iron plates.

Energy fireplace LIGHT 02 middle CAMINETTI MONTEGRAPPA

2.815,00 3.480,00 
Combustion chamber lined with CMtech®, a refractory material made with considerable thicknesses, at the top the catalyst-flame retardant is made of CMtech®2, a ceramic refractory material.

Energy save fireplace Aero Polygon

2.210,00 2.618,00 
A modern and large polygon energy save fireplace from Thermozel which, due to its design line, occupies a relatively small space.

Energy save fireplace PLANO EF 810 middle

1.690,00 1.940,00 
The classic choice is a medium-sized fireplace. Available in natural flow or with hot air fan. Certified according to EN 13229.

Energy save fireplace SENER 950 C or R Three-sided

3.570,00 4.235,00 
Three-sided fireplace, big enough and satisfactory side window opening. Strong construction by the Greek company SUPERKAMIN.

Energy save fireplace INTRA LA middle DEFROHOME

1.960,00 3.476,00 
Like all DEFRO fireplaces has a five-year factory warranty. Also, as in all DEFRO fireplaces, the lining can be made with fire-resistant black ceramic.

Energy save fireplaces Varia FD & FDh Spartherm

4.021,00 6.625,00 
Large variety of options in the see through fireplace VARIA FD. Fan operation with the S-vent or natural flow system.

Energy save fireplace MYSTIC BLACK two sided

3.390,00 3.840,00 
Two-faced energy fireplace of the MYSTIC series by THERMOZEL. A modern fireplace from THERMOZEL. Excellent finish and very good performance.

Energy save fireplace Felix middle

1.355,00 1.840,00 
The FELIX series is available in two different models: classic with cast iron door and deco with steel door and black line crystal.

Energy fireplace CM P05 two side CAMINETTI MONTEGRAPPA

3.865,00 4.275,00 
Unobstructed view of the fire from two sides thanks to the large lateral glazing.

Energy save fireplaces Mini S & Sh from Spartherm

2.783,00 4.986,00 
Relatively shallow, shallow depth, high enough, normal width are the main features of the dimensions for the MINI S.

Energy save fireplace PRISMA PF 770 polygon

1.700,00 1.890,00 
Safety, performance and great economy combined by the CAMINODESIGN polygon fireplace PF 770. Available in natural flow or with hot air fan.

Energy save fireplace T 80 middle (one view)

1.440,00 1.560,00 
The middle energy save fireplace T-80 is the classic fireplace of this series. Also available with two outward opening doors.

Energy save fireplace INTRA B ME two sides DEFROHOME

2.032,00 3.371,00 
A large, elegant and modern fireplace. With many variations : with black or white ceramic material in the combustion chamber, sliding or opening door, air or natural flow.

Energy save fireplaces WINDO middle EDILKAMIN

3.700,00 4.990,00 
The middle, straight fireplaces of the WINDO series are available in four different dimensions: 70, 90, 100, 120 cm wide.

Metal energy save fireplace T 75 quattro (two sides view)

1.020,00 1.275,00 
Metal double-sided natural flow fireplace. Made of 4 mm thick steel. Its combustion chamber is lined with cast-iron plates.

Energy save fireplaces Varia 2L/2R-55 & 55h from Spartherm

3.137,00 5.782,00 
Shallow in depth, width rather small but very satisfactory height are the characteristics of the dimensions of this SPARTHERM model.

Energy save fireplace SPECIAL EFT 810 see through

2.300,00 2.500,00 
Monobloc see through energy save fireplace with 2 doors, sliding and opening outwards with very large combustion area.

Cast iron fireplace with door T 80 polygon

995,00 1.130,00 
Cast-iron fireplace. It is available either with a door opening outwards or with a sliding door or even with two doors.

FOYER GRAND VISION energy save fireplaces with sliding door by INVICTA

1.113,00 3.282,00 
Made in France entirely from cast iron. Certification according to UNE EN 13229.

Energy save fireplace IC TEKNO 1 EDILKAMIN

2.390,00 2.690,00 
Middle energy save fireplace. The economic proposal of EDILKAMIN. Made of steel and cast iron.

Energy save fireplace Amelia two side

2.810,00 3.157,00 
Made entirely of a 200-quality cast iron and of course a side right or left window. Impressively, is very efficient.

Energy sae fireplace MYSTIC BLACK Middle 880 – 1000 THERMOZEL

2.800,00 3.618,00 
Like all MYSTIC, they have the technological assets for performance, economy and durability.

Energy save fireplace INTRA C ME G three side DEFROHOME

A large fireplace from the INTRA C series.A three-sided fireplace that will not disappoint even the most demanding customer.

Energy save fireplace QUATTRO QL 810 two side

1.920,00 2.100,00 
Two-sided monoblock energy hearth with high capacity and high efficiency. With the option of a panoramic one-piece ceramic glass.

Energy save fireplace Premium V-1V-87h from Spartherm

6.698,00 8.337,00 
Timelessly elegant with German solidity of construction with normal if not large dimensions.

Energy save fireplace INTRA T ME see through DEFROHOME

2.258,00 3.137,00 
The medium sized through fireplace of the INTRA T series. Available : with one sliding and one opening door or with two opening doors.

Energy save fireplace Aero 900 two side

2.280,00 2.668,00 
With vermiculite or cast iron and ventilator or natural flow. A modern energy save fireplace from THERMOZEL.

Energy save fireplace Zuzia middle

1.268,00 3.052,00 
Energy save fireplace of middle, cast iron, natural flow from the Polish company Kratki.

Energy save fireplace BRISACH P 95 C three side

4.320,00 5.050,00 
It is placed in the middle of the wall and offers a unique view from all parts of the room.

Energy save fireplace Architecture 1200

2.760,00 2.990,00 
A modern energy save fireplace from THERMOZEL ideal for "architectural chores" and of course for large spaces.

Energy save fireplace SENER 730 FLAT R or C

2.120,00 2.585,00 
The interior of the fireplace is lined with cast iron or 3cm thick vermiculite / cast iron plates.

Energy save fireplaces Varia C-45h & Ch Spartherm

4.470,00 7.180,00 
Fan operation with the S-Vent system. Optionally select the S-Thermatik NEO system for complete combustion control.

Energy save fireplace INTRA XSM middle DEFROHOME

1.452,00 2.637,00 
The fireplaces of the DEFRO HOME INTRA series are made with harmony between ecology, design and economy in mind.

Energy save fireplace BRISACH P 95 T see-through

3.860,00 4.590,00 
Energy save see-through fireplace by the French company BRISACH. Unify two different spaces with  finesse and grace.

Energy Fireplace MYSTIC MIRROR two-faced

3.640,00 4.080,00 
Two-faced energy fireplace with glass-ceramic mirror glass of European specifications of the MYSTIC series by THERMOZEL.