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Irregular Slates

Irregular slabs are natural stones and their name is due to their irregular shape. They come from stone blocks that are torn (slate) into plates perpendicular to compression.

Cut floor slates

Square, cut, natural plates in a variety of sizes and colors. For beautiful technical & aesthetic results. Products imported & Greek.

Cladding tiles & Mosaics

Stones in the form of rock (cut) are included in this category. For indoor or outdoor walls. In a wide variety of styles, designs and colors.

Stone panels

The stone panel consists of cut stones of varying size and depending on the panel, are glued together to form a tile measuring 15 x 60 cm.

Split Face Stone

Split Face Stone or Skapitsaristi stone are made of natural stone or marble after special treatment. They are usually 10 or 15 cm wide and 30 cm free.

Decorative bricks

Bricks are mainly used for lining in traditional but also modern constructions. They are also used for various decorations and configurations of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Rock Face lining

The lining caps are produced from various natural stones, such as marble, limestone, granite, strips, etc., with special treatment. ROCK FACE PRICELIST 2024

Stone blocks

All the blocks available are of various natural rocks, such as granite, slate, porphyry, sandstone, basalt. Dimensions vary and are indicatively in cm: area 10 x 10, 10 x 20, 10 x free length and thickness 4-5,5-7,7-9.

Pebbles & Gravel

The pebbles are produced from various natural rocks after treatment in special rotating cylinders. The pebbles are used for flower beds, terraces, wall coverings, etc.

Pebbles on net

The pebbles on a net are small rounded pieces, in various shapes and are glued to a net. Also, glass and metal in a net consist of small pieces of glass or metal.

Rocks & garden steps

Garden rocks include stones with a special shape and texture. In different colors, shapes, sizes come from different quarries.