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Electric fireplace 950 ASPECT

Its realistic flame is due to its advanced technology. A 2-year factory warranty for added assurance.

Electric steam fireplace

3.100,00 4.800,00 
Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, the steam fireplace fully complies with CE (EU) safety standards.

Electric fireplace 2000 LANDSCAPE

Featuring a range of lighting options and the most realistic set of ceramic logs, the ilektro 2000 Landscape is simple in design yet visually stunning.

Electric fireplace 1650 LANDSCAPE

Use the appliance without a heat supply on a warm summer evening or with a supply on a cold winter night.

Electric fireplace 950 LT

Relax in front of the perfect atmosphere it creates. It produces 1.5kW of heat and is designed in the UK.

Electric fireplace 1250 LANDSCAPE

Just some of the features offered by the ilektro 1250 Landscape : beauty, style, luxury, technological excellence.

Electric fireplace 950 LANDSCAPE

The ilektro range uses cutting-edge technology to bring you high-quality visual pleasure and the most realistic flame patterns.