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It is a natural mineral composed of inorganic components. Since 1940, it has been used intensively in industry for various

Calcium silicate

Calcium silicate is prepared by mixing lime (calcium oxide, CaO) and quartz sand (silica, SiO2) with water and some other

Panel Chimenea

Panel Chimenea is available in plates with dimensions in cm: 100 x 60 x 3. On one side the plates

Bioethanol liquid fuel

Very high quality bioethanol solution for bioethanol fireplaces. It has undergone a secondary purification treatment to provide the best possible combustion indoors. It is odourless and does not produce smoke, ash or soot when burned. Country of origin : Switzerland

Corner blinds Luft of Kratki

97,00 127,00 
KRATKI luft blind with unparalleled design for two side fireplaces. Available in four different colors: white, creamy, graffiti, black. Ready-made

Kratki Luft blinds

36,00 108,00 
Luft type blind from KRATKI. Complete the functional part of your fireplace with the best aesthetic result that KRATKI blinds

Kratki Fresh blinds

19,00 110,00 
Includes the galvanized steel frame that fits into the plaster board and the blind that fastened to the frame. Available

Blind with opening 14 χ 17 sam

Metallic cap with spout Φ100 with dimensions 17 width and 14 height. Simple, discreet and durable.

Blind without opening 14 χ 42 sam

Linear metallic expansion tube 14 x 42 cm. For natural flow fireplaces.

Blind with openings 14 x 17 sam

Metal blind measuring 14 x 42 cm with spouts. There is the possibility of one or two customized spouts Φ100 or Φ125.

Blind tunnel corner with openings Φ125

70,00 130,00 
Blinds for air-heated energy fireplaces. With F125 orifices to adapt aluminium vents and with venting for hot air. The height

Blind straight tunnel with openings Φ125

50,00 80,00 
Blind straight for air-heated energy fireplaces. With Φ125 openings for adjusting aluminum air ducts.

Expansion blind linear straight with openings Φ125

70,00 110,00 
Expansion blind for air-heated fireplaces in various sizes with adapted openings at the back Φ125.

Blind without opening 17 x 17 mis

Blind without opening 17 x 17 cm with mesh. Suitable for introducing fresh air from the environment into the fireplace.

Blind with opening Φ125 17 x 17 mis

Blind with adjusted opening Φ125. Ideal for energy-efficient air-heated fireplaces for connecting aluminum air ducts.

Blind with opening Φ125 17 x 23 mis

Adjustable blind with φ125 opening and expansion at its edge. The aluminum air duct is connected to the opening and

Digital VARIO air heater controller

Vario air is the necessary automation that accompanies hot-air fireplaces. Mode Vario air adapts to every hot-air fan heater with

ETE10-21 fireplace glass cleaner

Active cleaning agent for the windows of the fireplace, stove or cassette without leaving odors.

Blind 30 x 11 movable fins

A 30 cm long and 11 cm high blind with movable fins and a screen in the middle.

15 x 30 adjustable blind

30 cm long and 11 cm height with adjustable fins.

15 × 30 blinds metal box

Metal box for blinds measuring 15 cm high and 30 cm wide with an opening.


If you belong to the nice class of barbecuers, professional or amateur, and you endure the nagging of your wife

Blind 15 x 30 curved fin

30 cm long and 15 cm high with curved fins.

15 x 15 adjustable blind

A 15 cm long and 15 cm high (square) blind with adjustable fins.

15×15 metal box for blinds

Metal box for blinds measuring 15 cm high and 15 cm wide (square) with an opening.

Simple adjustable blind

Simple square blind with adjustable internal fins.

Blind 15 x 15 curved fin

A blind of 15 cm in length and 15 cm in height (square) with curved fins.

Simple stable blind

Blind plain square with fixed fins.

Blind 20 x 20 movable fins

A 20 cm long and 20 cm high (square) blind with movable fins and a screen in the middle.

Hydraulic KIT 2 for radiator fireplace

KIT for installation of a heater stove or radiant heater combined with a gas heater with-out warm water for use

KIT 1 hot air fan Michailidis

This KIT includes: single suction ventilator (snail) 600 m³ / h electronic control panel sensor 3 Spiral aluminum tubes Φ

KIT 1 of the Edilkamin fan air heater

This KIT includes: ventilator support electronic control panel sensor remote control

Hydraulic KIT 4 for radiator fireplace

KIT for installation of a heater stove or radiant heater as the only hot water source with instantaneous hot water

Grilling set with motor and spits

Integrated baking system in the fireplace with motor and 2 spits. Suitable for open traditional fireplaces. Dimensions : 77 x

KIT A fan air heater of Thermozel

This KIT includes: Ventilator 800 m³ / h metal box electronic control panel sensor silicone cable 1.5 p.m.

S-Vent for Sparthem fireplaces

S-VENT system & metal heat chamber In most models of SPARTHERM there is the option of adding a metal heat