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Inox insulated chimney

11,29 76,58 
Inox smooth (INOX AISI 304BA) insulated stainless steel anti-fumigation insulator, made of stainless steel, inside and out and between insulation.

Rotating Hat

37,80 51,30 
Rotating hat in various dimensions. For cement chimneys is also available with a trim strap at an extra cost of 6 €.

Black steel chimney

19,00 56,00 
It is recommended for indoor use of the house because it is usually in the same metallic black color as the stove.

Semi-T 135 ° INOX insulated

45,38 180,21 
Semi-T 135 ° INOX insulated double-walled with insulation inside.

Inox stainless steel chimney

2,30 31,70 
It is available in many cross sections from Φ80 to Φ350. They are placed with the male down.

Polyconic hat

31,42 83,28 
Cap polyconic, cylindrical. It is available in several cross sections from Φ130 to Φ300.

Semi- Angle 45˚ INOX single wall.

4,46 32,22 
Semi- Angle 45 degrees of INOX single wall .

Flexible Air Hose INOX

6,19 21,60 
Flexible INOX duct for connecting the heater (fireplace, cassette or stove) to the chimney.

Windbreaker hat

16,83 45,91 
Windbreaker INOX hat female or male in various sizes from Φ 80 to Φ 350.

Angle 90 ° angle of black steel

40,00 65,00 
Necessary if we use a black metal chimney and we want to penetrate the wall of the room vertically.

Bracket Heavy duty with INOX screw

10,35 23,25 
Heavy-duty bracket and INOX screw for insulated chimneys.

Cement Chimneys

3,60 5,85 
Concrete chimneys which are square on the outside but inside we have two options.

Cement hat

22,00 29,00 
Thermozel’s cement square hats for barbecues, fireplaces, stoves or woodovens.

T 90 ° INOX single wall

9,00 64,44 
T 90 degrees INOX single wall.

INOX insulated chimney adjustable

28,29 116,28 
Adjustable INOX chimney insulated (double wall with insulation).

Cone Cap Insulated

24,60 74,00 
Insulated hat with conical tip or otherwise “bell”. It comes in various sizes from Φ 80 to Φ 350.

Inox tap

4,04 17,27 
INOX lid for fitting at the end of a chimney or T to avoid liquidation of the chimney.

Air duct INOX spiral seam Insulated

21,65 257,07 
Insulated INOX air duct with spiral seam. It has double wall with intermediate insulation lining.

Stainless steel hat in bird shape

51,55 77,33 
Stainless steel bird-shaped hat for more traditional homes. Its adjustable to an INOX chimney with Φ 100 to Φ 350.

90 ° corner angle INOX single wall

6,69 46,40 
90-degree corner angle INOX single wall.

Black Steel Damper

32,00 54,00 
In many cross sections it can be used on all non-flap machines fitted by the manufacturer.

Adjustable INOX single wall chimney

7,53 56,71 
Adjustable INOX single wall chimney.

Hat Simple square

39,50 70,00 
Square metal hat from Thermozel in various dimensions or custom-made to the dimension you want.

Systole INOX

11,60 28,35 
INOX systole to convert the chimney from one cross section to another.

Air duck INOX Spiral Seam non insulated

10,00 34,09 
Non insulated INOX air duct with single wall spiral seam.

Rooster Cap

36,00 54,00 
Metallic hat with design of the cock in a modern design for application in square concrete chimneys.

T 90 ° INOX insulated

32,56 126,25 
T 90 ° INOX insulated (double-walled with insulation).


50,00 110,00 
It comes in several lengths of 50 centimeters, 75 centimeters and 1 meter.

“Chinese” hat INOX

12,75 40,81 
Simple hat “chinese” from INOX in various dimensions from Φ 80 to Φ 300.

Semi-T 135˚ INOX non insulated

13,61 85,07 
Semi-T 135 degrees of INOX non insulated.

Connector INOX

3,04 12,88 
Connector INOX for connecting chimneys to each other.

Art Mary Hat

45,60 145,00 
Art Mary female or male cap in various sizes from Φ 80 up to Φ 350.

Corner 45 ° angle of black steel

29,00 44,00 
Corner 45 ° angle of black 2mm thick steel. In various dimensions.

Simple Support INOX

5,40 10,31 
Single wall INOX support for chimneys.

Systole INOX insulated

45,23 87,54 
Systole of INOX insulated chimney to convert the chimney from one cross section to another.

Hat Barrel

16,75 59,29 
Hat Barrel in various sizes from Φ 80 up to Φ 350.