Stand alone fireplaces. Metal fireplaces that do not require plasterboard closure. Open or closed with a door.

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Energy save fireplace Sandra

6.430,00 6.445,00 
TRAFORART’s SANDRA energy save fireplace is an excellent choice for large indoor spaces. With plenty of options for painting the

Energy save fireplace Diamante

A cylinder-shaped energy save fireplace. With two opening outwards doors and full combustion control. It is placed in the middle

Energy save fireplace Gaia

Fireplace with a unique design and beautiful corners. Two openable doors and the possibility of electrostatic painting of the top

Energy save fireplace Ariadna

5.560,00 6.180,00 
Energy save metal fireplace, immediate installation, made by the Spanish company TRAFORART. It is available in two versions: central for

Energy save fireplace Admeto

6.460,00 7.730,00 
ADMETO is an immediate- installation energy save fireplace available in three models: central for the center of a room, middle

Energy save fireplace Lorena

11.940,00 11.975,00 
A special fireplace from TRAFORART. A large combustion chamber, full control and above all, an unbeatable “cosmetic” aesthetic view. It

Energy save fireplace Arlet

6.000,00 6.050,00 
A proposal that is modern and contemporary by the Spanish company TRAFORART, is the Arlet immediate installation fireplace. Central, with

Energy save fireplace Madrid

A special energy save fireplace. Direct- installation, metal, is distinguished by the inclination of its chimney which forms an angle

Energy save fireplace Breda

Metal energy save fireplace for immediate installation in the middle of the wall. It is distinguished by its modern design

Energy save fireplace Toscana

Another unique, energy-saving fireplace, designed by TRAFORART. Metal frame, immediate installation, several options for base and coloring. Small in size

Energy save fireplace Arion

3.775,00 4.495,00 
ARION is a metallic fireplace, immediate installation, with a relatively small size fitting. Due to its shape (isosceles triangle) it

Energy save fireplace Rac

Pendant fireplace, metal, immediate installation. Open from three sides, it provides a view from everywhere in the area. drawing Rac

Energy save fireplace Bilbao

Pyramid metal energy save fireplace. Quite wide and yet shallow, it provides a unique view of the fire and contemporary

Energy save fireplace Vulcano

The energy save fireplace VULCANO is a classic central fireplace with simple lines and for its class quite economic. drawing

Energy save fireplace Foxi

5.780,00 6.960,00 
Energy-saving, immediate installation, fireplace. The fireplace, in its top view, is an isosceles triangle, so it can be placed both