Gas fireplaces

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These innovative fireplaces are elegant with a real flame and are fueled by liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas and are closed type. They offer unobstructed views of the fire thanks to the absence of a frame on the facade and the minimal number of visible steel parts.

They are characterized by high quality construction and ease of use.

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A specially designed burner provides fire, as in a wood fireplace. The wood and the embers that are “burned” are of a decorative type made of refractory-ceramic material that simulates the burning of real wood. The fire is extremely natural and its intensity is completely controlled by remote control. The decorative material of combustion can also be pebbles or black glass.

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  • Gas and LPG fireplaces have a CE certificate that meets the European GAR guidelines that are mandatory for devices manufactured and designed from April 2019 onwards, which guarantees safe use and environmental protection.
  • Hermetically closed combustion chamber, which provides the highest degree of safety.
  • Double system for automatic shutdown of the fireplace, with ionizer and thermocouple in case of problem with the gas pipeline or gas supply.


  •  Activation and complete control, with remote control, that ensures rapid response to temperature regulation, with adjustable flame intensity with built-in thermostat. Possibility to schedule the daily temperature, even for seven days.
  •  Suitable for combustion with natural gas or LPG.
  •  Easy installation with small cross section exhaust. Installation does not require a traditional chimney – the coaxial system allows installation in rooms without a chimney, simply by bringing the end of the chimney out of the wall of the building or roof.
  •  Lack of ash.
  •  Reduced environmental emissions.
    (Gas fireplaces are known for their “clean” combustion. Compared to wood-burning fireplaces, gas and propane fireplaces produce far fewer particles and carbon monoxide. However, no energy source is completely environmentally friendly. Natural gas and propane release some pollutants when burned, mainly nitrogen oxides. They also release significant amounts of moisture into the air. A poorly regulated gas fireplace can produce incomplete combustion products, including carbon monoxide. It is important to remember that you are buying an energy efficient gas fireplace and with its prudent use and proper adjustment, will use less energy. The result will be a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.)

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  • High energy efficiency more than 90% with low consumption. Natural gas is the cheapest fuel today.

All of the above make the installation of an energy gas fireplace more than attractive.

They are available in many designs and sizes. They are economical in terms of consumption, using natural gas, propane or liquefied petroleum gas, but they are also safe to use.

The use of natural gas allows the installation of a fireplace where we cannot place a normal fireplace due to a chimney.

Of course, we are also given the opportunity to turn classic wood fireplaces into gas fireplaces.


Dutch company’s DRU gas fireplaces are designed to highlight and warm your space – whether you prefer modern or traditional decor.

You will have no shortage of options, as there are over a hundred different models. Each of them has a different facade option, fireplace colors and cladding. So you are sure to find a combination that will harmonize with your lifestyle.

DRU gas hearths are not just pleasing to the eye; they are one of the most advanced heating devices on the planet.

The combination of modern styling with modern gas technology, provide heating with safety, comfort and high aesthetics.

The DRU is certified according to the latest ISO 9002 quality certification regulations. In addition, all DRU products are CE certified with energy class certification, and are subject to annual inspection by the BSI.

DRU today is a modern company that continues to specialize in the production of gas heating devices. It also produces stoves and wood fireplaces.

DRU has offices in 3 countries and a network of dealers across Europe.

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