Two-sided fireplaces

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Two-sided fireplaces or a differently “double-view” are the ideal choice for placing in the corner of the room. Energy save fireplaces are divided into two main categories depending on how they promote the hot air in the room: in hot air fan fireplaces and in natural flow energy fireplaces.

The choices many: see the slides that follow the types of venetian blinds depending on the fireplace, suggestions for the way and materials that can be used to decorate it, or even how to make the construction with plasterboard at the top of the fireplace. Sometimes creating a bench is a good and useful idea.

In the following Slider you will find ideas when for some reasons the fireplace is placed not in the corner but is displaced about half a meter from the corner. A necessary condition, or sometimes obligatory, for the chimney to be built either straight up or through the wall behind the fireplace. See some of our ideas for completing the two-side fireplace. In the drawings the fireplace is a natural flow with corner blinds.

On the top Slider, the basic assumption is that the chimney passes from the wall to the left of the fireplace. So, this point should be closed with plasterboard.