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Outdoor landscaping. Products and services.

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We live in a country that is blessed in terms of climate conditions. Three hundred days a year (in average) sunshine. There is also a high percentage of homeownership. Many of us have courtyards, gardens and therefore we spend a lot of time taking care of them. If you are thinking about decorating – shaping your outdoor space, we can help you by offering you plenty of services and materials.

From the paving of a section or all of your yard with natural slabs , square or irregular (Albania, Arta, Karystos etc.) or with natural stone blocks . Paving with natural stones requires placing them on a concrete base, and the stone blocks are laid on sand on top of it.


Our experienced crew can create a well or a fountain made of stone in your yard.

Πέτρινο πηγάδι

stone made well

Συντριβάνι από πέτρα

Fountain from stones










Good idea is to put a decorative pattern inside the floor plan to brake the monotone pattern.


Modern, timeless and classical are the marble fountains.


Votsala 8 480x134For your flower beds, choose pebbles pebbles in a wide variety of colors, and for your lawn create a rock garden composition.

Vraxos 9Choose from the barbecues, ovens and stalls   the dimension and color you like and make the composition of your choice that is essential for you.

Sinthesi 10.1

Tables made of marble with cast iron bases provide durability in time. Also cast iron or metal benches with modern aesthetics are a nice addition.


Finally, to complete the configuration of your outdoor space, it is also necessary to cover a part of it with a wooden pergola. This way you are protected in case of a small spring rain, so you can continue grilling and baking with good company.


Pergkola Magazi 14 1

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