Cast iron fireplace with sliding door T 80 polygon

Cast-iron fireplace polygon with sliding door.

Energy save fireplace w 80 two side Right WARM

On offer a two-sided fireplace air-heated right. Interior combination of white flint and cast iron. With three years factory warranty

Energy save radiator fireplace CLIMACALOR 100 exhibition

The fireplace was in use at our show and is in very good condition. For more product information see HERE

Albanian stones Square and Hexagon cut

34 sq.m. Albanian stones Square and Hexagon cut, color yellow, in multi dimensions for 10€ / sq. m. Cost for

Counter with sink

Counter made with firebricks with Pyramis sink. Its dimensions are 113 x 82 cm.

Slabs of India 30 x 60 cm

Available for sale 15 sq.m. plates from INDIA with dimensions in cm: length 60, width 30, thickness 0.9. Unique vibrant

Cut Karystos slates

15 sq.m. Cut Karystos slates of various dimensions are offered at a very good price. The total amount for all

Middle open fireplace with firebrick 85 cm

Two middle open fireplaces, single-sided, exhibit, with an opening of 85 cm, made of Czech firebrick 4 cm. In good

Stone Paramythias Red

Special offer: Stone Paramythias Red 10 sq.m. cut plates 20 X 30 cm and 9 sq.m. irregular . The total

Metal fireplace 100 double-chamber

The double-chamber metal fireplace is a remarkably large traditional fireplace that we highly recommend to the devoted grilling fans. The

Syrian Beige 30 X 60 cm

30 X 60 cm, 72 plates color Beige at the price of 13€ / sq.m. Country of origin: Syria. The

Fireplace firebrick 100

Traditional fireplace, made with Czech firebrick 4 cm thick. Traditional fireplace, made with Czech firebrick 4 cm thick. The color

Barbecue counter

Barbecue counter with width 113 cm and depth 82 cm. Exhibition item at a very good price.

“Skapitsaristo” Politiko Red

7.5 sq.m. “Skapitsaristo” Politiko Red at a great price.

Polygonal fireplace

Polygonal fireplace with 4 cm Czech firebrick, showcased item.

Wood burning stove hosseven S 802

Wood stove simple, elegant, with large glass, efficient in offer.

Wood burning stove hosseven S 904

Wood stove simple, with cast iron combustion chamber on offer. The chimney outlet is low and down F120.

Wood burning energy save stove ECOLINE

Energy save wood burning stove ECOLINE. A simple yet economical choice.

Energy save wood burning stove from steel AS-SY-09 RIZES

Simple construction steel stove. It combines a simple line and an affordable price. Suitable for small spaces.