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Barbecue Set with firebrick finish

THERMOZEL’s traditional barbecue set with firebrick finish, is built inside with firebrick and lined around with curved firebrick.

Barbecue with firebrick finish

THERMOZEL, with its many years of experience and expertise, manufactures traditional barbecue using the best raw materials in the market.

Countertop with and without sink with firebrick finish

The barbecue’s countertop has a large surface and is perimetrically lined with curved firebrick. Its skeleton is made of concrete.

Simple countertop with sink

360,00 385,00 
The simple barbecue countertop with a sink, surface and perimeter lining of firebrick and concrete frame, is available in various sizes.

Simple barbecue

695,00 1.060,00 
The simple barbecue of this series is available in four different colors (yellow, white, gray and red).

Simple countertop

310,00 335,00 
And the countertop as well as the barbecue, on request, is available in four different colors.

Simple Oven

355,00 2.215,00 
The simple traditional oven is made of firebrick with fireproof cement and clay to maintain a constant internal temperature.

Oven with firebrick finish

720,00 780,00 
Available in two different sizes and (on request) in four colors.

Steel cyclothermal oven

760,00 1.330,00 
The hot air is led to the chimney through the double metal wall and heats the oven.

Simple oven base

Base for the simple wood oven. It consists of six different prefabricated and assembled cement pieces.

Base for oven with firebrick finish

Base for wood-fired oven of THERMOZEL. Our listed price is for yellow Czech firebrick.

Oven base with strip stones

Very good choice when your grill or countertops are lined with the same stone strips.

Countertop with sink and lined with strip stones

Countertop with a sink lined with stone strips from Thermogel. Its price is for Czech yellow firebrick.

Barbecue with strip stones

Stone-trimmed sash is available in various sizes and colors (yellow, brown, red and white).

Countertop with strip stones

The barbecue’s countertop has a large surface, a perimeter lining of a curved brick and a concrete skeleton.

Economy countertop with sink

With a firebrick surface and a concrete frame, it is available in two sizes to fit to the barbecue of the economic series.

Economy barbecue

520,00 590,00 
Available in two different sizes to suit your space. It is the most economical solution for home and business use.

Economy countertop

The economical range of countertops for barbecue grills with firebrick surface and concrete frame is available in two different sizes.

DELTA barbecue

480,00 560,00 
It is the most economical solution for both home and business use. Also suitable for balconies.

Countertop firebrick finish with sink Island

695,00 840,00 
The countertop for barbecue with sink comes with no lining, but also lined with stone strips, with a very large surface.

MINI barbecue

Small, very economical, chimney-free barbecue from THERMOZEL. For followers of simplicity and austere life, but with good grilling.