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Simple barbecue

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The simple barbecue of this series is available in four different colors (yellow, white, gray and red) and five different sizes for each space and use:
The small one measuring 1.07 m x 0.82 m is suitable for balconies
The medium dimension of 1.30 m x 0.82 m is suitable for some restricted areas
The large one with dimensions of 1.53 m x 0.82 m is the classic of this series
The double with dimensions 1.53 m x 0.94 m is deeper to accommodate two lambs at the same time
The Grandee, measuring 1.75 m x 0.94 m is widest and deepest for professional use
In all barbecues, a motor system can be fitted with simultaneous rotation of three spits with one motor.
Our prices are for yellow Czech firebrick.

Πλάτος / Widthcm107130153153175
Βάθος / Depthcm8282829494
Ύψος / Heightcm208208208208208
Διαστάσεις στομίου εστίας (Π x Β x Υ) / Fireplace mouth measurement (W x D x H)cm90 x 60110 x 60137 x 60137 x 60159 x 70
ø έξοδος καπνού / Ø Combustion product outletcm30 x 3030 x 3030 x 3030 x 3030 x 30
Συνολικό βάρος / Total weightKg700800110012001400