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One-sided Bioethanol fireplaces

780,00 1.650,00 
Bioethanol metal fireplaces with stainless steel burners (one, two or three) for the middle of the wall (middle). Ease of

See-through Βioethanol fireplaces

920,00 1.940,00 
See-through bioethanol fireplaces from THERMOZEL. With the grace of live flames in three different dimensions and the corresponding number of

Three-sided Bioethanol fireplaces

905,00 1.895,00 
Fireplaces with bioethanol fuel panoramic for a unique view of the fire. Three different dimensions with equal number of INOX

Three-sided Bioethanol fireplaces in the shape of U

940,00 1.950,00 
Three-sided fireplaces in the shape of U. With liquid bioethanol fuel. Ecological clean combustion without chimney. Special feeling especially the

Two-sided bioethanol fireplaces

880,00 1.820,00 
Two-sided bioethanol fireplaces in three dimensions with a corresponding number of burners. Open either from the right or from the