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Gas fireplace GLOBAL 60BF two-sided

3.460,00 3.805,00 
Global 60 Corner BF is a mid-sized corner gas fireplace with advanced combustion technology. Its striking display can project fire

Gas fireplace COSMO middle

14.580,00 16.425,00 
The Cosmo Eco Wave is a large, natural gas fireplace for large homes, spacious apartments or hotels and restaurants. It

Gas fireplace METRO 100XTL & 130XTL three-sided

5.895,00 7.815,00 
A special, luxurious are the gas fireplaces of the Metro XTL Eco Wave series. It is a mixture of see-through

Gas fireplace LUGO 70/3 & 80/3 three-sided

4.590,00 4.890,00 
Medium-sized panoramic (three-sided) gas fireplaces are the fireplaces of the Lugo / 3 series of the Dutch company DRU. With

Gas fireplace COSMO see-through

16.340,00 19.180,00 
The Cosmo Tunnel Eco Wave is a very large, see-through, modern gas fireplace. It can be placed between two rooms

Gas fireplace PACO two-sided

Paco Eco Wave is a corner gas fireplace, square shaped that its chimney can be installed on both sides. It

Gas fireplace GLOBAL 100BF & 120BF middle

3.705,00 4.400,00 
The Global BF series is a large-scale classic fireplace with a large glass. It is suitable for installation in houses

Gas fireplace GLOBAL 60BF three-sided

3.605,00 3.950,00 
Small in size, 84% efficient, the three-sided gas fireplace Global 60. With electronic remote control for easy use, it will

Gas fireplace METRO 130XT, 150XT & 200XT see-through

7.130,00 11.375,00 
The see-through fireplaces of the Metro XT Tunnel Eco Wave series are unique heating devices both in terms of performance

Gas fireplace GLOBAL 100BF & 120BF two-sided

4.080,00 4.720,00 
Contemporary gas fireplaces with large dimensions, 100 or 120 cm, on their facade and on their side. The interior is

Gas fireplace GLOBAL 55XT BF, 70XT BF middle

3.690,00 4.760,00 
The gas fireplaces of the GLOBAL XT BF series are intended for homeowners who want to combine a luxury fireplace

Gas fireplace MAESTRO 75XTU three-sided

6.985,00 7.975,00 
Are you looking for a U-shaped gas fireplace that can be placed as a space divider in the living room

Gas fireplace EXCELLENCE 50XT middle

6.410,00 7.040,00 
Fireplaces in the Excellence series are a design jewel of the DRU collection and include several innovations in their design

Gas fireplace LUGO 70/2 & 80/2 two-sided

4.590,00 4.890,00 
The DRU Lugo 70/2 (or 80/2) Eco Wave is a 70 cm (or 80) wide double-sided corner model, so the

Gas fireplace GLOBAL 55XT CF & 70XT CF middle

4.180,00 4.900,00 
Modern, contemporary aesthetics, the GLOBAL series includes fireplaces with relatively small dimensions. Always with the technological superiority of the Dutch

Gas fireplace METRO 100XTU three-sided

5.895,00 7.255,00 
With this unique U-shaped fireplace, you can separate the living space and enjoy its realistic fire from anywhere. The height

Gas fireplace MAESTRO 75 see-through

7.030,00 8.025,00 
The Maestro 75 Tunnel Eco Wave is an impressive see-through fireplace, suitable for separating rooms, dining room and living room

Gas fireplace MAESTRO 60, 75 & 100 middle

5.445,00 8.085,00 
The MAESTRO line from DRU, with Dynamic Flame Burner® technology. This unique technology combined with realistic ceramic logs and the

Gas fireplace GLOBAL 100BF & 120BF three-sided

4.245,00 4.865,00 
Global 100 or Global 120 are three-sided, relatively large gas fireplaces that combine luxury and performance. With 88% efficiency the

Gas fireplace METRO 80XT & 100XT see-through

5.425,00 7.495,00 
The see-through version Metro XT tunnel from DRU combines generous heat output and excellent view due to the tall glass

Gas fireplace METRO 100XT/2 & 130XT/2 two-sided

5.745,00 7.450,00 
The big in dimensions and output gas fireplaces of the Metro XT/2 series have the ambition to transform an ordinary

Gas fireplace METRO 130XT, 150XT & 200XT middle

6.140,00 9.780,00 
The large one-sided fireplaces in this series have the latest DRU burner system that produces large, tall, natural flames. Spacious

Gas fireplace MAESTRO 60/3, 80/3 & 105/3 three-sided

6.155,00 8.495,00 
The three-sided Maestro series from DRU consists of three fireplaces: 60, 80, 105 with a corresponding width in cm. The

Gas fireplace METRO 80XT & 100XT middle

4.440,00 5.875,00 
The tall glass in combination with the way the burner spreads the flames everywhere, along the inside of the fireplace,

Gas fireplace METRO 100XT/3 & 130XT/3 three-sided

5.895,00 7.640,00 
The three-sided fireplaces of the DRU Metro XT /3 Eco Wave series offer you an impressive, panoramic view of the