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Black steel rosette

5,00 10,00 
Multi-dimensional black steel wall rosette for use with a black metal chimney.

Semi- Angle 45˚ INOX insulated

23,29 66,78 
Semi- Angle 45 degrees INOX insulated (double wall with insulation).

INOX conversion insulated to single wall

10,28 35,32 
Chimney conversion from insulated to single wall INOX.

INOX clamp with INOX screw

2,20 4,74 
INOX clamp and screw for connecting the chimney pieces together and with the hat.

T 90˚ INOX Systolic to Φ80

32,56 75,28 
T 90 ° INOX Systolic to Φ80 for connecting the central chimney with a chimney Φ 80.

Black Steel Heat Exchanger (Radiator)

39,00 70,00 
Heat exchanger made of 2mm thick steel. Increase the efficiency of your heating appliance with the radiator.

Angle 90 ° INOX insulated

27,32 92,78 
An angle of 90 degrees INOX insulated (double-walled with insulation inside).