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Energy save cassette SUPERKAMIN SENER INSERT S 98/55


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It has 2 motors centrifugally. The door opens outwards with left or right opening option. Stainless grip, not affected by the temperature of the cassette. Digital unit capable of fully automatic operation. Adjustable primary combustion and pre-set secondary combustion with a consumption of 2.6kg / h. The door is entirely made of crystal. The SENER INSERT S 98/55 is remarkable and manufactured by the Greek company SUPERKAMIN and is probably the largest middle model in the energy save market.

Πλάτος / Widthcm98
Βάθος / Depthcm55
Ύψος / Heightcm50
Διαστάσεις στομίου εστίας (Π x Β x Υ) / Fireplace mouth measurement (W x D x H)cm
Ωφέλιμη ισχύς (min/max) / Useful heat outputKW14,1
Απόδοση / Efficiency%77,6
Κατανάλωση καυσίμου (ξύλα) (min/max) / Fuel consumption (wood)Kg/h3,1
ø έξοδος καπνού / Ø Combustion product outletcm16
ø παροχή αέρα / Ø External air intakecm
Συνολικό βάρος / Total weightKg
Θερμαινόμενος όγκος (μόνωση σύμφωνα με το νόμο 10/91) / Vol. that can be heated (insul. env. by Law 10/91)295