Energy save radiator stove TEBA

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The TEBA radiator stove is available in two models: oven and no oven. It has a built-in circulator to be able to distribute the heat evenly across all radiators. It operates silently by setting its 3-speed circulation. It has thermostatic heads that regulate the operation of the pump (pause or start) at the desired temperature with a mechanical thermostat operating automatically after setting the desired temperature. It has a large door for easy refueling. With a rotating grill system that manually operates with a lever, for easy removal of ash. It is able to provide hot water (kitchen, bathroom) without connecting to a boiler. With its exchanger, it utilizes 75% of the water temperature with a flow rate of 6 liters / min. With the ability to use the upper part of the stove to heat food or water.

Πλάτος / Widthcm5555
Βάθος / Depthcm5959
Ύψος / Heightcm105125
Διαστάσεις στομίου εστίας (Π x Β x Υ) / Fireplace mouth measurement (W x D x H)cm
Ωφέλιμη ισχύς (min/max) / Useful heat outputKW18+218+2
Απόδοση / Efficiency%7082
Κατανάλωση καυσίμου (ξύλα) (min/max) / Fuel consumption (wood)Kg/h
ø έξοδος καπνού / Ø Combustion product outletcm1315
ø παροχή αέρα / Ø External air intakecm
Συνολικό βάρος / Total weightKg178195
Θερμαινόμενος όγκος (μόνωση σύμφωνα με το νόμο 10/91) / Vol. that can be heated (insul. env. by Law 10/91)